The Malta Classic Car Collection

So many beautiful cars!

Älgbert Elgson

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This privately owned automobile museum is located in San Pawl il-Baħar in close proximity to the Malta National Aquarium. It grew out of the hobby of Mr. Carol Galea, who built early in his life vehicles for hillclimbing in Malta and also participated in it himself.
This passion soon became love for old technology and he began to collect vintage cars from all over Europe.

But the heart of this collection is clearly the first car in Mr. Galea’s life. The pale blue car belonged to his father, was soon sold due to objections of his mother and the trace of whereabouts lost over the years. After years of searching, however, he managed the seemingly impossible and he found the car in a shed in Britain. After a long negotiation, he was able to buy back the convertible and is now exhibited in his museum after a restoration.

Carol Galea (✝2021) with his father’s car – the heart of his collection

The collection extends to over 3000m² and includes a variety of makes. Most of them are in impressive condition. Not least because there is also a restoration workshop in the museum where the vehicles are put back into the new car condition.

The museum is well planned and, based on the English-language signs, also full of information about the vintage cars and their history. There is a lift for wheelchair users, but due to the narrowness the radius of action is somewhat limited. Some of the cars are parked very close to each other and some can only be viewed from one side.
Some of the exhibits are also for sale. Like many collectors, Mr. Galea also wants to buy and exhibit more and more vehicles. Unfortunately, he also has the problem that there is simply too little space for all his treasures. Therefore, he decides to sell occasionally to one or the other car to create space for a different one.

For more information, such as opening times and admission prices, please visit the official website of the museum.

Bewertung: 8 von 10.

Älgs like cars! Sometimes to the chagrin of some drivers in Scandinavia when a car-loving elk suddenly stands on the road to look closer at the passing vehicle.
Our Älg is definitely no exception. Every car had to be inspected from all sides and every information label read at least once. But even for not so car enthusiastic companions in this museum is taken care of. At regular intervals there are water dispensers and reading corners, which are also equipped with non-vehicle-relevant literature.
The showroom is in the basement, although not air-conditioned, but cooler than outside. Especially at the summery temperatures in Malta at lunchtime a good way to escape the heat for some time.

We were here: 2019

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