Malta National Aquarium

Fish as far as an Älg can see.

Älgbert Elgson

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Various Maltese fish species, reptiles, amphibians and insects can be admired in the Malta National Aquarium. The building itself looks like a big starfish and is located right next to the sea in the city of Buggiba. A sufficiently large car park „MNA Car Park“ is available and admission to the aquarium costs € 13.90 (2019) for adults and € 7.00 (2019) for children between four and twelve years old. Current prices and opening times can be found on the homepage of the aquarium.

We have seen much larger aquariums during our adventures, but the size cannot be objected to in Maltese terms. Since we took our time, our visit to the aquarium still took about three hours. Size not always matters.

We found the pools themselves to be clean and well-kept and everything was designed as if you were standing directly on the seabed of Malta. A number of ships and objects sunken around Malta are replicated both inside and outside the aquarium. Overall, the Malta National Aquarium is very child-friendly, there are always caves and tunnels in which the children can climb in and whoever looks closely may find Nemo and Dori.

The main tank of the aquarium, through which a passage tunnel leads, is particularly beautiful to look at. Rays and various sharks can be seen up close.

Throughout the aquarium you will find a number of indications of plastic pollution of the oceans and the resulting problems for animals and plants. There are also tablets everywhere on which you can get more information about the animals. There are films showing how our earth is protected and how nature affects our lives.

Bewertung: 8 von 10.

A visit to the aquarium is definitely recommended in bad weather or at high temperatures. The films shown there are beautifully made, unfortunately there is no seating and therefore the majority of the visitors carelessly ignore them. The tablets sometimes react very slowly or not at all. Besides that, we liked it a lot.

We were here: 2019

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