Basilica Ta’Pinu

A church that looks older than it is.

Älgbert Elgson

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The basilica ta’Pinu, although it actually looks like a very old church, is a very young structure. The construction work of the church was begun in Neo-Romanesque style on 30 May 1920 and inaugurated on 31 August 1932.
The construction goes back to a Marian apparition in 1883 and there are still pilgrimages today.
Pope Benedict XVI. dedicated the Golden Rose to the Marian Shrine on 18 April 2010 on the occasion of his travel through Malta.

A special feature is also a small exhibition of gifts to the Holy Virgin to Pina. Many people have prayed for a wish for a child, after an accident or for friends and relatives and have sent gifts to the church for this. In several rooms, these are issued with very personal notes.

This beautiful church can be found near Għarb on the island of Gozo in Malta.
Right next to it are enough parking spaces available, if you want to arrive by car. Like everywhere else in Malta, this attraction can also be easily visited by public transport (bus, taxi) or by the HopOn-HopOff buses.
Also typical for Malta, or the sights in Malta, is a snack car not far away, where you can buy drinks and a small snack. Nevertheless, especially in the summer, it is advisable to take enough water with you to avoid a circulatory collapse in the heat.

We were here: 2019

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