Especially in the evening you will know why Mdina is called „The quiet city“

Älgbert Elgson

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Not many know that Mdina was once the capital of Malta . The city is located in the center of the island on a strategically located exposed rock plateau. Therefore, this place was already inhabited in the Bronze Age. The Phoenicians built a fortress in this place and called the place Malet (= refuge). The Romans converted the name into Melita and surrounded it together with the neighboring city Rabat with a city wall. After the Arabs conquered Malta in 870, they gave the city its current name Mdina (= walled city) and reduced the defensive ring.
After the Arabs, the Normans conquered the Maltese islands and continued to convert the city to a fortress. This fortification proved in 1422 in a Hafsid attack as a strategic advantage. In spite of the huge inferior numbers, the attack was averted, which earned the city the title of honor „Città Notabile“.

After the Normans Malta was handed over to the Order of St. John. They also used Mdina as their capital for some time. However, they noticed that the island could be better controlled from the coast and laid the capital first to Birgu and in 1571 finally to Valletta.

Today, Mdina is inhabited only by a few people. Although the city has become a tourist center in Malta, these are mainly day trippers. In the evening it gets very quiet in the old streets and everything seems deserted. Therefore, Mdina also has its current nickname „The quiet city“.

From the city wall you have a beautiful view of the Dome of Mosta and the surrounding area.

In Malta many scenes were filmed for Game of Thrones and some scenes were also filmed here in Mdina. Our Älg is a big fan of the series and of course wanted to find all locations in Mdina.
One of these locations is the „Main Gate“ of the city, another of the „Mesquita Square“. Also in the „St Dominic’s Convent“ in Rabat some scenes of the first season have been shot.

The Mdina Experience

The Mdina Experience is listed as one of the city’s attractions and its staff are dressed in historic-looking robes.
You can also buy drinks and food there.

The attraction consists of two different films which transmit the audio track in the respective national language by means of headphones.
The film shown takes about 30 minutes each and is very well done. The entrance fee is € 6.00 (2019).
More detailed information can be found on the official homepage.

Cathedrale of Mdina

St. Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina is the original bishop church in Malta. The Norman cathedral, previously built on this site, was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1693. Therefore, the Maltese architect Lorenzo Gafà was commissioned with a new building which was inaugurated in 1702. From the old cathedral only the apse was preserved.

The Baroque interior is richly decorated. However, the current interior painting dates only from the 1950s and shows the shipwreck of the Apostle Paul in Malta.
At the Cathedral St. Paul in Mdina all architects oriented themselves well into the 19th century, the construction of new churches and cathedrals in Malta.

In Mdina there are many more beautiful churches and other interesting activities. You can find information on the official site of the city under the item „Places of Interest“.

If you want to travel to Mdina by car and are looking for a parking space, we recommend taking the one marked as P1 in the picture. This is located behind the city wall and therefore offers protection against the sun, which is particularly advantageous in midsummer.
Of all the three designated parking spaces, it is neither far from the city center of Mdina nor from Rabat and can be easily reached on foot.

Bewertung: 9 von 10.

If you do not come to Mdina and stroll through the medieval streets, it is your own fault. Not only for Game of Thrones fans, this city has a lot to offer architecturally.
Anyone looking for nightlife and parties may not be in such good hands in Mdina.
Decelerate and settle down should be easy for anyone in these old streets.
For historically interested people, there are also numerous offers, but we would not go back to „The Mdina Experience“ for a second time. The film is indeed very interesting, Älgbert was almost impossible to get out of the room, and also very well done, but also not a great feature.
Due to the narrow streets and the circulating horse-drawn carriages that drive tourists through the small old town, you should always keep your eyes open if not behind the next corner such a one-horsepower vehicle comes along.

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