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Ribe is a great and busy city despite her age. In the nearby Wadden Sea, I have even seen small crabs!

Älgbert Elgson

Denmark has many beautiful cities. The oldest and therefore one of the most beautiful for us is Ribe. In the early Middle Ages, it was the most important Danish port on the North Sea, then the city lost importance. Today Ribe is known for the very well preserved old town and definitely worth a visit!

One of the most famous attractions is the cathedral, which is also the landmark of this small town. The cathedral can be seen from almost everywhere through the small houses in the city. If no fairs or other events take place, the cathedral can be visited for free during the opening hours, but the visit to the tower and the museum is subject to a charge.

At the town square you will also find a prison, which has been converted into a hotel, and the old town hall. Medieval half-timbered houses can be admired throughout the city.
We recommend that you just start walking through the city. Since it is very small, you will find many attractions without prior research – such as the watermill, the harbor, the Dominican monastery or the remains of the castle Riberhus.

Unfortunately there is not much left of Riberhus Castle. You will find on the castle hill still few wall remnants, the ramparts and the moats. The oldest finds of the castle date back to the middle of the 12th century!

The statue of Queen Dagmar on the castle hill symbolizes her arrival to ship on the nearby islet Mandø. She lived from 1205 to 1212 at Riberhus Castle and was considered the queen of the people. One year after her death, a statue was erected in her honor and today the chimes of the cathedral at 12:00 and at 3:00 pm play the folk song „Dronning Dagmar Ligger Udi Ribe Syg“ (Queen Dagmar is ill at Ribe).

Around Ribe there are some free parking spaces. During our visits were always enough free parking and the dinstance to the old town is very short and beautiful.

When staying in Ribe we recommend to visit the nearby Ribe VikingeCenter.

The Danish Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be reached in about 15 minutes by car.
A little tip: there are many places near the sea that are not very well known by tourists – you can picnic undisturbed and enjoy nature. So that these places continue to be so wonderful, please be careful not to leave any garbage.

We visited Ribe: 2016, 2018

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