Ribe VikingeCenter

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History brought to life.

Älgbert Elgson

VikingeCenter Ribe is an open-air museum focusing on life in the 10th century in this area.
The city of Ribe was long before an important trade and food point of many people. Numerous finds point to a fortified settlement long before the built in 860 the first Christian church.

The open-air museum was opened in 1992 and is since then continuously expanded and rebuilt.
 With the help of archaeologists, cooperation partners such as the „Southwest Jutland Museums“ and the Produktsskole Lustrupholm , detailed scenarios are recreated on the large area according to historical findings.
 Therefore every year a new visit to the Ribe VikingeCenter is worthwhile to discover the changes to the previous year.

This alone would not distinguish the open-air museum from many others.
 However, what makes this a very special experience, especially for children, is the dedication of some over 200 Vikings in the summer months.
 Especially in the Danish summer holidays, many events and activities are planned every year to encourage participation.
 For children, costumes are also available at the entrance to help them gain access to the Viking Age, and to encourage them even more for this exciting theme.

To get to the VikingeCenter there are, as so often, many ways.
 The easiest way is of course with the GPS, but here is just before the goal much attention needed, as the entrance to the large parking lot is almost hidden.
 The signpost is attached near to the roadside and, depending on the growth of the bushes, more or less clearly visible. What is clearly visible in any case are the two Danish flags, which hang on two masts and line the driveway left and right.
 The parking lot is not tarred and therefore very dusty in the summer months after a long dry season. Please adjust the speed here, otherwise you would coat the other visitors in a thick cloud of dust. Since not too many trees are available to donate shade, either hide the car behind a motorhome in the shadow (there are definitely enough of them in Denmark) or turn right immediately after entering the car park and park near the road.
The car park has an orientation from southeast to northwest and thus the vehicle is in the shade after noon.

We were here: 2016, 2018

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