Perfumery Fragonard

Oh how wonderful that smells!

Älgbert Elgson

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The Fragonard perfumery is one of the oldest in Grasse. It was founded in 1926 by entrepreneur Eugène Fuchs, who had a passion for perfumes and wanted to sell them to the increasing number of tourists by direct sales. To commemorate the beauty of the arts in the 18th century, he named his company after the famous painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard from Grasse.

The following generations modernized the company and established new production and sales locations in Grasse, Eze, but also in Paris, some of which were expanded to include small museums with objects from the history of perfumery.

Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard

The Fragonard perfumery is represented in several locations in the town of Grasse, where all products (perfumes, soaps, dishes, household linen, …) are sold. Several factories are also located in or around Grasse, some of which can be visited. In the interesting and informative tours you can learn more about the perfumery and about the products made there. You have to inquire about the specific tour times in the desired language on site, but the waiting time for the next one is never very long.

The historic perfume factory

The remarkable factory building dates from the 19th century and is located centrally in Grasse. On the upper floor there is a perfume museum and a sales room, on the lower floor are the production rooms, where perfumes and soaps are made every day. Free tours are available there in all European languages during the opening times of the factory – these can be seen on the homepage.

  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard

The Grasse Factory Of Flowers

„The Flower Factory“ is located on the edge of Grasse and is surrounded by a garden in which perfume plants grow. The factory opened in 1986 and, unlike the historic perfume factory in the center of Grasse, is modern. With the help of people and machines, various products are manufactured, filled and packaged there. This factory also offers free tours in all European languages during the opening times.

  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard
  • Parfümerie Fragonard | Perfumery Fragonard

How to get there?

The historic perfume factory is very central and is therefore easy to reach by public transport. If you arrive by car, there are a few free parking spaces at the back of the factory or a paid parking garage in the immediate vicinity. There are sufficient parking lots at the flower factory.

Bewertung: 7.5 von 10.

We took a tour of both of the above factories. Of course, some of the information overlap, but we still learned a lot of new things during the second tour. Unfortunately, the committed women who had led us through the workshops were not in agreement on some facts. So we learned about different numbers how many „noses“ (professional perfume creators) there are in the world. The tour ends in the sales room, where the products of the perfumery are advertised. The factory prices do not differ from the prices in the online shop, however, there may be more products available on site. There is no obligation to buy after the free tour.

We were here: 2019

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