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Standing with one foot in another sea was for me an experience that will be remembered forever!

Älgbert Elgson

Grenen or Skagen’s Gren, is the northernmost point of Denmark and is under conservation. At the headland an extraordinary natural phenomenon can be observed, because here meet two seas on each other: Kattegat and Skagerrak.

Who has never heard of these two seas: Kattegat is part of the Baltic Sea, while Skagerrak is part of the North Sea.

The combination of the seas can be recognized by the waves that collide and even a small difference in color between the two seas is perceptible. The exact position and shape of the sand tip changes daily, depending on the wind and flow conditions.
You can set yourself there with one foot in the North Sea and the other in the Baltic Sea, swimming is strictly prohibited because of the strong current.

The northernmost point of the sand tip is only accessible on foot from the parking lot (subject to charges). The road to get there is not far, but walking on sand could cause problems for frail people. Also of a „hike with wheelchair“ is rather discouraged.
So that everyone can reach the northernmost point, there is a tractor bus, which runs from spring to autumn between the parking lot and Grenen.
If possible, we recommend the walk, because the sand tip is beautiful and if you are attentive enough, you can watch wild animals such as seals or various birds.

Meanwhile, Grenen is visited by more than one million guests every year, which is why the sand tip can be quite crowded, depending on the time of day, a bit off the beaten track you will find a pristine – and as we find – unique nature with miles of almost deserted sandy beaches.


For a trip to Grenen you plan a day so that you can already admire the scenery on the way there and maybe even take a little hike.

In about four kilometers from Grenen is the city of Skagen, which is known as a popular tourist town and where many small shops invite you to shop. In the city center you will find many restaurants, but also the fishing port is worth a visit, where many small restaurants stand together and delicious, fresh fish is served.


We visited Grenen: 2016, 2018

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