Straßenbahngarnitur der Pöstlingbergbahn in historischer Farbgebung - Tram set of the Pöstlingbergbahn in historical colours

Experience Linz in the perspective of an Älg.

Älgbert Elgson

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The Pöstlingberg with its pilgrimage church and landmark of Linz high over the city at 539 meters is visible from afar. The Pöstlingbergbahn, one of the steepest tramway in the world, climbs the local mountain in just 20 minutes and takes visitors comfortably from the main square of Linz to the mountain station.

The trail of history

The Linzer Pöstlingbergbahn has been bringing visitors to their destination with its idyllic route since 1898: the summit of the Pöstlingberg with its recreational area and its attractions. These include the viewing terrace, the dwarf kingdom and the associated grotto train. The nearby zoo is also worth a detour. Tickets (line 50) can either be bought in the online shop (www.linzag.at/shop-linien), at the ticket machines at the stops, tobacconists or in the tourist information office on the main square.

After taking the Pöstlingbergbahn to the last stop, it is only a short walk from there to the pilgrimage basilica “Seven Sorrows of Mary”, which was built from 1742 to 1747. Today the „Pöstlingbergkirche“ is Linz’s landmark and pilgrimage site.

  • Altes Straßenbahn Haltestellenschild der Linzer Pöstlingbergbahn an der Bergstation auf 519 m Seehöhe. - Old tram stop sign of the Linzer Pöstlingbergbahn at the mountain station at 519 m above sea level.
  • Straßenbahngarnitur der Pöstlingbergbahn in historischer Farbgebung - Tram set of the Pöstlingbergbahn in historical colours
  • Innenansicht der Pöstlingbergkirche "Basilika zu den Sieben Schmerzen Mariä", dem von weitem Sichtbaren Wahrzeichen des Pöstlingbergs - Interior view of the Pöstlingberg Church "Basilica of the Seven Sorrows of Mary", the landmark of the Pöstlingberg visible from afar.
  • Aussicht vom Pöstlingberg über Linz und Teile des Mühlviertels - View from Pöstlingberg over Linz and parts of the Mühlviertel
  • Aussicht über die Stadt Linz - View over the City of Linz

Previously, the area high above Linz was part of the defensive ring of the Maximilian fortification line. The „Fort Pöstlingberg“ built in the 1830s was commissioned by Archduke Maximilian Joseph of Austria. However, due to technical progress in the military field, it soon became obsolete and gradually fell into disrepair. In 1897, the „Linzer Elektrizitäts- und Straßenbahngesellschaft“ (Linz electricity and tram company) acquired the six towers of the facility that was no longer needed. The towers were rebuilt for their new tasks. The mountain station of the Pöstlingbergbahn moved into one of them, others became viewing terraces and another opened in 1906 with the „Grottenbahn“. The fairy tale world inside still enchants young and old to this day. With the electrically powered dragon train „Lenzibald“ you can dive into the dwarf world. In 1936, the „Grottenbahn“ was expanded to include fairy tales and a replica of the Linz main square in the style of 1900. Unfortunately the first facility was destroyed by an aerial bomb in 1945, but the world of dwarfs and fairy tales was reopened in 1948.

The exact opening times can be found on the official website.

  • Haupteingang mit Kartenverkauf zur Märchenwelt - Main entrance with ticket sales to the fairytale world
  • Eingangsbereich der Pöstlingbergbahn - Entrance area of the Pöstlingbergbahn
  • Der Drache Lenzibald zieht den Drachenzug durch die Zwergenwelt. - The dragon Lenzibald pulls the train wagons through the fairytale world of the dwarfs of Pöstlingberg.
  • Fahrt durch den bunt erleuchteten Kristallstollen der Zwerge unter dem Pöstlingberg - Drive through the brightly lit crystal mine tunnel of the dwarfs under the Pöstlingberg.
  • Wenn Einheimische die Pöstlingbergbahn besuchen, haben sie immer ein Taschentuch dabei um die "Zwergerl zu schnäutzen" - When the locals visit the Pöstlingbergbahn, they always have a handkerchief with them to "blow the dwarves' noses".
  • Der Zwerg Naseputz im Eingangsbereich der Pöstlingbergbahn - The dwarf Naseputz in the entrance area of the Pöstlingbergbahn

Useful Information

With the free Hearonymus app, you can find out more information about the Pöstlingberg in a total of 29 audio guide chapters: 7 stations along the route of the Pöstlingbergbahn, 3 stations on the loop around the Pöstlingberg and 19 stations in the grotto train. In the evening hours, various restaurants invite you to end the day with good food or coffee and cake on one of the panoramic terraces with a wide view of the city of Linz and the surrounding area. In the former valley station of the Pöstlingbergbahn there is now a small museum. The history of the Pöstlingbergbahn, which is over a hundred years old, can be relived here.

If you spend a little more time in Linz, the LINZ-Card could be just right for you. It gives you free or reduced admission to various museums. It is available at the tourist information office on the main square, at some museums and at selected hotels. Of course it can also be purchased in advance online on the official sales platform.

  • Die fleißigen Zwerge bei der Arbeit im Kristallbergwerk unter dem Pöstlingberg bei Linz- The hard-working dwarves at work in the crystal mine under the Pöstlingberg in Linz
  • Eintritt in die Märchenwelt der Pöstlingbergbahn - Entry to the fairytale world of the Pöstlingbergbahn
  • Der Märchenprinz wartet auf seine Prinzessin. - The prince is waiting for his princess.
  • Der "Würstlmann" versucht seine Würste am Miniaturhauptplatz von Linz zu verkaufen. In der Märchenwelt wurde der Linzer Hauptplatz um 1900 in verkleinerter Form nachgebildet. - The "Würstlmann" (Sausage Seller) tries to sell his sausages on the miniature main square in Linz. In the fairy tale world, Linz's main square was reproduced in a reduced form around 1900.
  • Größenvergleich mit Älgbert am Miniaturhauptplatz - Size comparison with Älgbert at the miniature version of the main square in Linz.
  • Älgbert sucht Informationen in der Miniatur-Touristeninformation. Bei der großen Version am richtigen Linzer Hauptplatz ist er erfoglreicher gewesen. - Älgbert looks for information in the miniature tourist information. He was more successful in the large version on the real Linz main square.
  • Die Figuren des Froschkönigs in der Märchenwelt des Pöstlingberges - The figures of the Frog King in the fairytale world of Pöstlingberg.
  • Gehege mit Rotwild auf dem Pöstlingberg - Enclosure with red deer on the Pöstlingberg

How to get there?

We recommend that you arrive by public transport. Although it is possible to park your car in the parking lots around the excursion destination, these can be very well filled, especially in summer and especially at weekends. In addition, the ride on the steepest adhesion railroad in Europe is an attraction in itself. The valley station is also located directly at the main square in Linz (line 50).

Bewertung: 7.5 von 10.


The Pöstlingberg is an obligatory destination if you stay in Linz. If you haven’t been to the Pöstlingberg, you haven’t actually been to Linz.
Locals as well as tourists like to come to the local mountain of Linz to enjoy the panorama or just a coffee and cake in one of the traditional coffee houses. The surrounding park invites you to go for a walk or to relax in the sun with a picnic.
For visitors with children, the Grottenbahn with its fairytale world is especially interesting, but adults also come again and again, mostly for nostalgic reasons, to take a ride through the dwarf world with Lenzibald.

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