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After a short break there is new information that we do not want to withhold from you.

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What’s new?

We have not been idle in the past and have visited many exciting and interesting places. Little by little we will write down our experiences in an adventure and publish them. This time the time has come and we not only want to give you the opportunity to browse our new Älgwiki articles, but also to report on our adventure in the south of France. Maybe we can help you find your new destination to explore.

Älgbert genießt die Landschaft rund um Scharten. - Älgbert enjoys the landscape around Scharten.
Älg in Löwenzahnwiese – Älg in dandelion meadow

Austria – Cherry Blossom Hiking Trail Scharten

The cherry blossom hiking trail is located in the Obst-Hügel-Land nature park in Upper Austria’s Hausruckviertel. The region, also known as the „Eferdinger Becken“, is very fertile and numerous types of fruit and vegetables have been grown there for many years. In the communities of St. Marienkirchen, Polsenz and Scharten, traditional orchards and rows of fruit trees characterize the landscape. On the 11.3 km long circular route you can enjoy wonderful views of these orchards and the surrounding landscape. A visit is particularly worthwhile at the time of the fruit blossom – an annual natural spectacle.

France – Hike in Roman footsteps in Nîmes

The original name Nemausus comes from the Celtic spring deity and the nearby spring of the same name. There were already points of contact between the Romans and the Celts who had settled in and around Nîmes. How it came about that the former Celtic settlement became a model city of Gallo-Roman culture you can read in this article.

Sweden – Smålandet Elchsafari

Pretty much everyone who visits Sweden would also like to see moose. If it doesn’t work out in the wild, there are around 30 moose parks where there is a moose guarantee. Eleven of them are in Småland. So if you are not lucky enough to explore the world with an Älg, you should definitely read this article and pay a visit to the Smålandet Elk Safari.

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Monaco | Port Hercule

Côte d’Azur – Where the rich and beautiful live!

On this journey we hiked on unknown paths. Usually we are always drawn to the north. We should have taken the wrong turn somewhere, because we ended up in the south – more precisely in the south of France!
On our trip we immersed ourselves in the world of fragrances, hiked in the mountains of Andorra, visited the palace of Prince Albert II in Monaco, discovered the cities along the Côte d’Azur and tasted the culinary highlights of France. But let’s start at the beginning: Here comes our travel report from our adventure in the south of France.

Weihnachten in Schönbrunn | Christmas in Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn Christmas market

The Christmas market in front of Schönbrunn Palace has been in existence for more than 25 years. So it was more than just time for us to visit it. Traditional but also surprising moments awaited us at the largest Christmas market in Vienna.
Here you can learn more about what we have experienced here.

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