Butterfly Park Empuriabrava

Butterfly Park Empuriabrava

Beautiful butterflies in all colors and sizes – but the highlight are the extremely cheeky parrots.

Älgbert Elgson

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Not far from the most famous sandy beach on the Costa Brava is the small butterfly park Empuriabrava. In addition to exotic plants and animals, the park is also home to some other curiosities that can be admired up close.

The trail of history

The park was opened a little more than 20 years ago and is only used to attract and inform visitors. A rainforest was recreated in a 2,000 m2 greenhouse, in which various species of butterflies, reptiles, amphibians and other large and small creatures live. In the meantime, the butterfly park also serves as a rescue station for countless birds that can no longer be released into the wild and are therefore donated to the zoo. The Butterfly Park would like to draw more attention to this problem – birds are not pets.

Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
Butterfly Park Empuriabrava

Useful information

So that the inhabitants of the small tropical zoo feel at home, a rainforest was recreated with the help of different plants and the temperature was adjusted to the tropical climate. The butterfly park would like to sensitize the visitors to the importance of the butterfly and habitat protection and offers various other animals a home. The birds, which could no longer survive in the wild and were therefore donated to the park, are developing into the real attraction of the park. At the cash register, small cups of nectar can be bought for a small fee to attract the birds. This works surprisingly well (after initial difficulties in approaching) and the birds literally fly to the visitors.

Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
Butterfly Park Empuriabrava

The park is divided into different areas. Representatives of the species of Indian muntjac and the red-necked wallaby, a medium-sized kangaroo, live in an outdoor area. There is also a small area for bats, another for turtles and if you look closely you can also find the blind cave fish, which is normally native to Mexico, in the small zoo. Of course there is also an area with the most varied types of butterflies that can be admired, including the largest butterfly in the world, the Attacus atlas, named after the Titan Atlas from Greek mythology, among the residents.

Current admission prices and opening times can be found on the website of the Butterfly Park Empuriabrava. The small tropical zoo is located in the autonomous region of Catalonia and is surrounded by several natural parks as well as the wild cliffs and fine sandy beaches of the Costa Brava.

  • Der indische Muntjak kann im Butterfly Park Empuriabrava aus nächster Nähe beobachtet werden. - The Indian muntjac can be observed up close in the Butterfly Park Empuriabrava.
  • Das Rotnackenwallaby ist eine mittelgroße Känguruart. - The red-naped wallaby is a medium-sized species of kangaroo.
  • Älgbert lockt mit einem Blatt zwei indische Muntjak im Butterfly Park Empuriabrava an. - Älgbert attracts two Indian Muntjac with a leaf in Butterfly Park Empuriabrava.
  • Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
  • Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
  • Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
  • Ein Weißbrusttukan im Schmetterlingspark Empuriabrava. - A white-breasted toucan in the Empuriabrava Butterfly Park.
  • Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
  • Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
  • Butterfly Park Empuriabrava
  • Ein Schmetterling schlüpft im Schmetterlingspark Empuriabrava. - A butterfly hatches in the Empuriabrava Butterfly Park.
  • Futterstelle für Vögel im Schmetterlingspark Empuriabrava. - Bird feeding station at Empuriabrava Butterfly Park.

How to get there?

The park is not far from the Costa Brava, near the medieval town of Castelló d’Empúries and the tourist town of Empuriabrava. There is a sufficiently large gravel parking lot directly in front of the entrance.

Bewertung: 7.5 von 10.


Those who spend their holidays along the Costa Brava should definitely pay a visit to the Empuriabrava Butterfly Park. The park is very small and a visit will usually take around 1-2 hours. The highlight for us was not the butterflies, but the many birds that nibbled on our clothes after a short time of getting to know each other. A little tip at this point: don’t put on the most beautiful clothes and maybe put on a hat – the birds also fly overhead and drop something every now and then 😉

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