Frequently asked questions:
  • How did this site come about?
    We love our travels and we report about them with pleasure. We are happy to help you with our experiences and impressions while planning your trip.

  • Is it possible to contact Älgbert?
    Yes, he is happy about your message. The easiest way is to fill out the contact form here. After clicking on „Submit“, our Älg will get a message from you. Of course this will be answered gladly!

  • Are you paid for your travel reports?
    We can answer this with a clear NO. Although we are happy about invitations, but we report and write only about facilities that we have also visited. Positive as well as negative. We operate this blog only for us and our readers.

  • Why is your blog named Älgventure?
    Älgventure is one of our artificially created word. It consists of Älg and the English word „venture“. The tonal resemblance to Adventure is also wanted. Älg is Swedish and means – as you probably already guessed – elk or moose. The name means something like „an Älg that dares something“ or „an Älg on adventure“.

  • Are you just travelling or also at home sometimes?
    Even if it seems that we are only traveling, everyday life is different. We have a normal job but travel as often and as much as possible.
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